Fashion Tips for Alabama Gamedays

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What does football season mean for women?  It means finding the perfect outfit for that perfect game.  This is my 11th football season with Miss Priss and I have to say, this season by far is my favorite.  There is something about Alabama Football that pumps everyone up and makes us want to shop!

Let's talk about fashion tips around Gamedays.  When August hits, I better have lots of crimson, burgundy, black and yes even red (men wouldn't agree with 3 of the 4 colors).  However, as women, as long as we are in the crimson family, we are doing good.  Ok, so a lot of our games start when it is still 90 degrees outside and most of us like to tailgate, so we want to feel cool and breezy.  That is extremely hard to do in Alabama.  We want to look our best, but still be comfortable.  The comfort thing happens as we get older.  I am in my mid 30's and I never dreamed I would say such a thing.  In my 20's, all I cared about was looking my very best, no matter how uncomfortable I was and how much I hurt in my favorite shoes.  I wanted to look good.  What's wrong with that?  Right?  However, as I got a little older and having kids will do this to you, all I cared about was comfort.  Yes, comfort means everything to me these days.

So let's break it down with ages when it comes to fashion tips.  Yes, there is a huge difference in fashion in a 20 year old and a 40 year old (or there should be).  Oh to be 20 again and so carefree and to mention having that young body, but fashion now has changed so much even in 15 years.  I love that clothing gets more trendy over the years and that my kids dress way better than I ever did (sorry mom).  I can honestly say my kids dress better than me even now.  There is something wrong with that right?  But can I say, with all of my heart, that I pray if I can teach my kids one thing, is that you can be just as beautiful and be covered up. I know you mommas agree with me on that.  I want my girls to always know how beautiful they are without having to show anything.  I can't tell you how many times I go to a game and see a beautiful young girl dressed in a provocative way, and all I can think is "that is someone's baby."  Yes she might be 20 years old, but she is still someones child.  So for all these young trendy girls out there, cover up.  You are gorgeous. Always know that.  Be who you are and incorporate that with fashion and how you dress.

Now for us ladies, I can't believe I am one of those now, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  We all want to look good and trendy, but dress for our age.  Just because we get older, doesn't have to mean we shrivel up and quit caring about our looks.  I absolutely love dressing women everyday.  I love telling my customers what looks great on them, depending on their style and body shape.  We have to dress according to how God shaped us.  If we are bigger across the top, then we don't want to wear something that accents it and make us look larger than we are.  If a customer has hips (which I know all about that, LOL) then we need to wear something that will maybe help camouflage it or make you look more slender.  God blessed us with all different body types and we have to know how to use them and know what looks best on us. 

The styles these days are full and flowy, thank you Lord Jesus.  The days that women's tops were short and fitted are long gone and we can only pray, they never come back.  They are still around for these young babes, but at least not for us mommas out there.  I absolutely love the trends these days.  Bell bottoms, flare legs, skinny jeans, neutrals, the color mauve in everything, embroidery and the list goes on and on.  It seems to me, it keeps getting better and better.  Every season with my store, I get more and more excited about fashion and what I do for a living.  This is my dream job and I get to meet new customers every single day and help dress them and help spice up their wardrobe even if it means little by little or step by step.  

With Love,


Solomon 4:7 - You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

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