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What are "Fears"?  Fears are things that you are truly scared of in life! It may be rejection, disappointment or even death.  However, my fears have to do with my business.  It's amazing how in my personal life, I don't have a lot of fears, but the business side of me does.  You see, I started Miss Priss Boutique a little over 10 years ago.  I was a young 24 year old who had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but I had parents who taught me about finances at an early age and I had a wonderful husband to support me!  I also had a relationship with my God who I knew would be by my side. 

Let's talk about my fears in the beginning.  Oh my goodness did I have many fears?  I had a huge dream and big plans for my business, but what if I can't convince everyone else to love my big dream.  What if I fail?  What would I do then?  You see my first year in business, not many people know this, but I cried all the time.  I cried when dealing with the public and it not going the way I thought it should.  Never did I dream before opening Miss Priss, that there were going to be customers I just couldn't make happy, no matter how hard I tried.  That was tough for me, considering I am a people pleaser.  I had a wonderful friend tell me, "this will never work if I don't harden up and run my business by sticking to my guns."  So in that moment, I knew what I had to do.  However, how do you become hard in business, but still keep your values, which mine were loving people?  It took me a while to figure that out.  I do have to say I live in the most family oriented and close knit community, which makes it easier. I can't imagine having my business that I have worked so hard to build over the last 10 years, anywhere but Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I love this town and even more, the wonderful people in this town.  If it wasn't for Miss Priss, there are so many people that our paths may never have crossed.  

So fast forward 10 years,  my fears have changed a little bit.  One fear I always have had, and may always have, is the fear of not being successful.  I love my business so much that I want everyone else to love it and that will never change.  Another fear I have is my children not loving it like I want them to.  We raise our kids with our own hopes and dreams, how we think their future should end up like, but as they get older, they decide on their own hopes and dreams.  Yes my plan is for them to work with me one day and eventually take over one day, (when I'm too old) but I play the what ifs!  What if they grow up and have no interest in fashion or no interest in taking over their mommy's business that she worked so hard to build?  That is a huge fear, but in reality, that can happen.  So yes my fears change over time.  I remember during the bad recession in 2008/2009 and then the tornado in 2011, I feared Miss Priss wasn't going to survive!  It was scary!  But God got me through some tough times and he showed me, if you do your part and work hard to make it survive, then he will get you through it.  So 10 years later, I am still here praise Jesus!  Now, he has opened doors for me to not only have my brick & mortar store, but also allowed me to start my own website, which has always been another dream of mine.  As I look back and see how much God has blessed our business, its thanks to him and my loyal wonderful customers who I get to call my friends.  

In conclusion, yes we all have fears, but the fears should give us drive, drive to accomplish anything we set our hearts to do!  

With Love,


Psalm 34:4 - I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

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  • Angela Fulmer on

    I remember your first year so well, your enthusiasm, creativity, youth, and empathy. You started reaching out and helping with community needs early on. I loved your reflections! Congratulations on 10 years of making a difference!

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