My Story

I was a young 24 year old with a huge dream! I grew up very girly and was called miss priss my entire life. In fact as a child, before I was able to get my ears pierced, I woke up a little early every morning just to pick out the most perfect stick on earrings to match my outfit for that day. So fast forward to years later, I graduated from The University of Alabama with my degree in fashion merchandising in December of 2006 and literally opened my own dream boutique four months later. This year is ten years for me and it has definitely been a roller coaster of a ride and wouldn't change it for the world. My next dream is for my two precious girls whom are seven and two, to have the heart for this business and to want to work (and maybe take over) one day. This is definitely a family business. I could have never done this if it wasn't for my amazing husband whom I have been married to for almost thirteen years and for my amazing parents who have taught me many lessons in life that got me where I am today. The support I have from my wonderful family and friends, I can't thank them enough. So here is to another ten years and I want to finish with saying thank you so much to all of my precious loyal customers whom I also get to call my friends. I love you all! 
With love,