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  • Most giveaways run 1 week to a month long. One winner is chosen for each giveaway. The name of the winner and which giveaway they won will be posted on this page.

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  • You will win the item (size, color) that you comment on our Facebook post, and all giveaways are final.

  • Winner's must pick up their item within two weeks of posting on this page or the item will be placed back on the sales floor. If you win, please take time to stop by and claim your prize. 


Winners please email me at tiffany@missprisstuscaloosa.com to claim your prize.

  • Donna Delbridge LaBresh, Christian Sparks Ford, Sharon Wylie Adams, Taylor Cook, Connie Moore Estes, Robbie Adams Gray, Bambi Powell, Jenny Meade, Julie Baggett Burroughs, Beth Lucas, Melanie Collins, & Chasity Bambarger (Won 30% Off Storewide on 12/24/17)
  • Amy Barnes Dobbs, Stacie Keeton Boswell, Sabrina Thrasher Thomas, Lauren Morris Averette, Cayla Barnes, Rhonda Bigham, Ashley Davis Blanchard, Lindsey Renfroe Tidmore, Lesley Greer, Susan Curry, & Ann Hall (Won 25% Off Storewide on 12/23/17)
  • Sonya Welbourne Guy, Karla Holcombe Hodges, Leslie Stanford, Jesslyn Whitehead, Dianne Golson, Delores Stripling, Paige Patterson, Josh Ashley Boatner, Margaret Shields Faulkner, & Pam Montgomery Hite (Won 20% Off Storewide on 12/22/17)
  • Erin Burns McCoy, Amanda Hall Alexander, Carla Down Kirkpatrick, Mandy McColl Thomas, Jennifer McKnight Collins, Casey McKnight Scroggins, Kelley Adams Marlowe, Delores Stripling, & Tracie Smith Lynn (Won 15% Off Storewide on 12/21/17)
  • Sherron McBride Barnett, Donna Delbridge LaBresh, Kathryn Pritchett, Kayla Leigh Booth, Janis Melton Mabry, Ann Hall, Kaci McDonald, & Ramona Thornton Burnette (Won a $5 Gift Certificate to Jalapenos on 12/20/17)
  • Britni Carver Nicholson, Beth Black Eaton, Anna Boswell, Margaret Shields Faulkner, Candance Elmore, Ashley Davis Blanchard, Lauren Morris Averette (Won a $5 Gift Certificate to Heritage House Coffee & Tea on 12/19/17)
  • Stephanie Dailey Richey, Olivia Stepchuck, Amber Love Moore, Carleigh Lee, Charlotte Mills, & Whonda Wheat Keller (Won a $10 Gift Certificate to New Creations on 12/18/17)
  • Mary Beth Seibert Thornton, Brenda Freeman Snider, Carol Lee Rogers Cross, Brooke Jones, & Sheri Baines Boyington (Won a $15 Gift Certificate to Taco Casa on 12/16/17)
  • Jill DuBose Boyd, Dianne Golson, Cheryl Pearson, & Lesley Greer (Won a Holiday Tea Towel & Holiday Dip Spreader Set on 12/15/17)
  • Ashley Griffith Hood, Bambi Powell, & Amy Koon Woolbright (Won a Coffee Mug & $20 Gift Certificate on 12/14/17)
  • Kristi Jones Watkins (Won a Alabama Tee on 12/13/17)
  • Cecile Tanner Haddock (Won a Christmas Tee on 12/12/17)
  • Susan Matherson (Won a Watch of Choice on 12/10/17)
  • Robin McElroy (Won Snowman Platter on 12/10/17)
  • Glenda Logan (Won Alabama Ornament on 12/10/17)
  • Leslie Reynolds Holliday (Won $100 Gift Certificate on 12/10/17)
  • Laura Green (Won $250 Gift Certificate on 11/2/17)
  • Kassi Booth Trawick (Won $25 Gift Certificate on 6/9/17)
  • Carolyn Cecile Hilburn (Won $25 Gift Certificate on 6/9/17)
  • Erin Burns McCoy (Won Tee, $50 Gift Certificate, Water Bottle, Coffee Mug on 5/13/17)
  • Janis Melton Mabry (Won Multi-Colored Striped Criss-Cross Top on 4/29/17)
  • Stephanie Wheat (Won $100 Gift Certificate - 10th Anniversary on 4/8/17)
  • Carly Elmore Sanders (Won $100 Gift Certificate - Facebook VIP on 4/7/17)
  • Lindsey Renfroe Tidmore (Won Set of Pajamas on 3/31/17)
  • Janis Melton Mabry (Won Poncho Giveaway announced on 3/10/17)
  • Tina Murray Turner (Won Southern Belle Bag Giveaway on 2/26/17)
  • Ashley Davis Blanchard (Won Kimono Giveaway on 2/18/17)
  • Nicole Tubbs Free (Won Snakeskin Clutch Giveaway on 2/13/17)
  • Jamie Burke (Won Brown Distress Knee Length Boots Giveaway on 2/5/17)